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April 19, 2014

A List We Want to Avoid

A list we hope to never be on, have a laugh at trill fucks expense on this Saturday morning. Hopefully you haven’t even put your joggers and NBs on yet. 


April 18, 2014

Late Night Eats

Boy Meets World had some fire kicks, seriously this is too legit. (Complex)

April 18, 2014


Things to watch/read/do tonight and this weekend. 

Most stylish TV sitcoms via Complex.

A great and long discussion with the creator of Adventure Time. A wonderful read, I warn you it is quite long, maybe save this one for the weekend. It’s Adventure Time.

Google just made it a lot easier to reach your desktop from your Android phone, so now you don’t have to be that guy with the laptop. (Mashable) (Disclaimer: I like having my laptop, what if I need part of the adobe suite or a DAW at a moment’s notice?!)

Barbour is a great heritage brand, high quality, long lasting stuff. Get a look at how they make those famous waxed jackets, perfect for any adventure. Damn, these things really are timeless. (Vimeo)

(Things to do)

Head to the opening of Etudes by Kenji Nakayama at the Fourth Wall in Boston tonight. 

Check out a movie that I mean to finally see this weekend. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Of course, you should probably just be watching the opening game of the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup run. 

If none of that looks good to you, check out the Travel Guide over at Selectism. Always some cool shit in places that I don’t live. I think they should have been on top of that Fourth Wall opening though…

Evening Jams: Even if you’re literally just turning down and catching some sleep tonight, go ahead and do it while listening to this. (Oh and watching it.)

Enjoy your weekend, we might post some stuff during it, we might not…who knows, who cares?

April 18, 2014

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Fiction was invented the day Jonah arrived home and told his wife that he was three days late because he had been swallowed by a whale.


The day shit is worth money, poor people will be born without an asshole.


I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of Him.


It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.


Age isn’t how old you are but how old you feel.


A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love, more lasting than truth.


All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.


Don’t let yourself die without knowing the wonder of fucking with love.


There is always something left to love.


How strange women are.


The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love. 


These are some of my favorites from a long list of quotes over at Esquire used to create a
"What I’ve Learned Article" that unfortunately never happened. 

April 18, 2014


Things to watch, read and enjoy on your lunch break. 

Famous dishes from famous works of fiction. My pick would have been the cucumber sandwiches from the Importance of Being Earnest (I’ve never had a cucumber sandwich, so I’m curious), but that isn’t here. Out of the ones here, I have to go with that chowder, a New England staple. (Brain Pickings)

Bodega has a colab with the Reebok Instapump and here is a “Making Of" story. It’s not something I would rock, but I’m still bummed I missed on the Hypercats (even if I don’t really wear athletic shoes).

A great video about Icon 4x4. Handmade classic vehicles with modern performance from L.A. Gorgeous, well made and classic. They are the most advanced form of simple. (Vimeo)

The Line is a place to buy awesome shit for your home and now they’ve added art. While the quality and design of the goods is awesome, I really love that their New York shop is an apartment where you can order any of the number of goodies set up. 

Lunch Vibes: In case you were falling asleep after lunch on this Friday, here’s Metz’s Headache to get you back into work…or convince you to just leave early. 

April 18, 2014


Things to watch, read and enjoy this morning.

The man himself, VP Joe Biden is now on Instagram at @VP. How can you not love this dude? He’s hilarious. 

Vice says we ruined brunch and we tend to agree. Why does everyone want to eat over priced eggs just because you can also drink overpriced mimosas (or worse, a Bloody Mary)? It’s terrible. (Vice)

Playoff hockey is here and last night was great. There were four games, but you only need to really catch up on two of them. Blues-Blackhawks goes to 3OT and Avalanche-Wild goes into a very quick OT. 

Here are brands with honest, real lifetime guarantees, mostly outdoor heritage wear, but you can find some great pieces that you’ll have for the rest of your life. We’re a fan of the LL Bean’s Signature line and of course the 100+ year old Filson. (Esquire

Morning Song: “I’m a Man” by The Spencer Davis Group (Youtube)

April 18, 2014




   It’s Scott, one half of Always Starving and we have been slacking lately. Seriously, really fucking slacking. It’s been a tough winter here in Rhode Island, endless cold, massive amounts of snow and we’ve also been pretty strapped for cash (everyone’s story, right?). With all of that in mind it made it really tough to move forward, in the freezing gray days “what’s the point” echoed around pretty often. The thing is, it doesn’t fucking matter, that’s the beauty of it. We don’t have to do this and we don’t have to make anything, we just will because we want to.

   The market is saturated, everyone who has ever read Hypebeast has started churning out box logos, renaissance art prints and shirts with numbers on the back…and all of that shit is really lame. Are we completely changing the game? No. We are making shirts for ourselves now and we think you’ll like them. That’s the important part, we aren’t trying to just jump on the latest trend or make our own version of the latest popular t-shirt, we’re just designing thing we enjoy. This summer we will release a new batch of shirts, printed on American Apparel, with designs we love, that are easy to wear on their own through the heat and to layer once the temperature starts to drop. 

   We’re also going to be writing on this blog a bunch more. It won’t just be Always Starving news, so check back daily and we promise there will something you like. 

   Honestly, this was just the long way of saying we’re back and though you probably didn’t notice we were gone, we’re sorry for being such pussies this entire winter. 

Stay Hungry